Self-Rolling Weasel Tail Ball

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Love to keep your pup entertained? Keeping your furry friend occupied is a perfect way to pass time. This Self-Rolling Weasel is perfect for them! It sparks curiosity across your pups mind and they'll happily wrestle with the weasel and ball all day! 🐶

  • Battery operated motorized ball
  • Tosses back and forth motion with the ball.
  • Watch the weasel struggle around with the ball.
  • The weasel is silent, and loves the ball.
  • Material: Acrylic, synthetic fabric
  • Weasel Size(L*W):24cm x 5cm/9.36'' x 1.95''(Approx)
  • Ball Size:8.2cm x 8.2cm/3.20'' x 3.20'' (approx)
  • Color: Random color