August 01, 2018


You got your dog for a reason, your dog is your best friend. While having your companionship is definitely enjoyable, he needs his personal play-time as well. Dogs are social animals but have a knack of exploring things on their own. Toys need to constantly be refreshed as Fido will eventually get bored of them. While searching for the best dog toys, it's important to keep a few things in mind. Your dog needs something that will stimulate his brain, keep him active, something that is durable enough for his teeth and claws. Your dog needs a toy he simply cannot get enough of.

From upgraded play-things, to the hottest trends, we will cover the whole spectrum of toys for your pup. All toys come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can have the peace of mind if your four-legged friend doesn't fancy it. If your furry friend is a puppy, or a puppy-at-heart, you've come to the right place for the best dog toys to get this year.


7. KONG Classic Dental Dog Toy

The Kong Wobbler Toy is suitable for any pup, and overall pick to keep them entertained for hours. The Kong is a durable, and very chewable toy. The plastic is long-lasting and ready for your friends canine’s. Add your pups favorite treats to dig around for, or even a full meal depending on their size. 

This toy is suitable for dogs 25 lbs and over. It can be a treat bowl filled with activity, or keep it empty and watch your pup bounce it away. It comes in a variety of sizes and strengths for puppies up through senior-aged dogs.

Link To Purchase: KONG Classic Dental Dog Toy - View Here


6. Virtually Indestructible Ball

Aside of humans, balls are dogs best friends’! Our pups love to stay active, especially when we’re not home. They can chew, toss, roll, attack and tear balls up all day! Since they love rough-housing, this Virtually Indestructible Ball is just for them!

This ball is constructed of rigid and rugged plastic to withhold the sharpest bites. It doesn’t discriminate on your pups size, so chew those who may!  They’ll have loads of fun with it, or even passing it along with other two-legged pup friends! It’s perfect for it’s 100% non-toxic and tear-proof material, and just the right companion for this in-house or backyard

Link To Purchase: Virtually Indestructible Ball - View Here


5. Bacon Flavored Jumbo Wishbone

This is the Perfect, Tasty, Chewy Toy for your pups to enjoy! Made of super-strong nylon and food-grade bacon. With no artificial flavors added. The curvy corners of the chew explode with tastebud exploding flavor to keep your pup intrigued! 

After their teeth have fully grown, your adult pups love enjoying the heck out of them! Chewing is one to definitely explored them with. These wishbone are total chew fun, but not made to be eaten. Safe to keep your dog monitored as they chew, so it it not swallowed. Best made for dogs under 70 lbs.

Link to Purchase: Bacon Flavored Jumbo Wishbone - View Here


4. Triple Treat Tosser Toy

This is the purrrrr-fect food catapult for dogs! No only does it save you the arm throw and potentially straining your shoulder blade, but it perfectly shoots out your pups favorite treats. Dog lovers are going crazy over these just as much as their pup for the same reasons above! Save the arm and treat the pup! 

Just open the lid, insert their favorite snacks, close, and catapult away! Reloading is just as easy and get your back out there is seconds. Your dog will be just as anxiously waiting as before!

Link To Purchase: Triple Treat Tosser Toy - View Here


3. Bob-A-Lot Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Keeping our dog’s awesome, worn-out, busy is always at the top of the list! It sure helps their time go by quickly, and as owners we want their time to be the best always. So here’s the perfect toy to exhaust the happy heck out of them! Bob-A-Lot is the perfect stimulant that keeps your pups mentally engaged in enjoyable activities.

There’s a snack entry and exit for your pups! You can easily customize this exit difficulty level. Keeping your pups playing hours at a time, entertains focus, and helps prevent destructive boredom behaviors!

Link To Purchase: Bob-a-lot Treat Dispensing Dog Toy - View Here


2. Lamb Chop Plush Dog Toy

Because cuddling is for everybody!!! This Lamb Chop is the cutest cuddle buddy in the market for our pups! Our dogs seem to enjoy tearing these guys up for what’s inside, but now they’ll want to be just as gentle than ever to this toy, cuddling away.

There is multiple things to do with this toy, and there is also different sizes! Choose the best fit for yours.  Mini, Regular, and Jumbo sizes available! Perfect for pups and dogs who love chewing, fetching, interactive play time. ❤️

Link To Product - Lamb Chop Plush Dog Toy - View Here


1. Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Dog Toy

Squirrels!!! They’re to become your furry friends best buds or foes some time in their life! You can only be so close to them outside, but now you can have them at home, and just a couple feet from your pups! Like usual, these cute little squirrels in their little stump, like to play a few rounds of hide-and-seek!

The durable Plush Tree Trunk is made with shapes, sounds, and textures so your friends can enjoy! It is also accompanied with three squeaky squirrels there to play with their dog friends. Comes in Junior, large, and jumbo. Ginormous size gets 6 squirrel’s! Now they can attend their squirrel catching class for better outside practice!

Link To Purchase: Hide-a-Squirrel Puzzle Dog Toy - View Here



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